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London.WS combines a London website featuring Ethically Sourced supplies in London with the Messaging capability of interaction with those stores to replicate the assistance and support that would normally be readily available with physical stores. The Corona Virus is rendering shopping at physical stores impossible for a significant percentage of the population,. Safe, Contactless Delivery is also a feature.

Killing 2 Birds with One stone

IBM has made a Call for Code to use technology to help in the fight against the Corona Virus. London.WS has been adapted from a Tourism site in response to this call to help provide a resource for London that helps access Ethically Sourced Products while helping with Social Distancing. Ethically Sourced Products are produced in ways that help the environment. As such, London.WS aims to kill 2 birds with one stone

Providing A Useful Service For London

With around 670,000 Subscribers, London.WS represents a good platform for London. Organizations in different boroughs in London can partner with London.WS to help get Ethically Sourced food to people in their boroughs and across London and benefit in a number of ways..

Providing New Distribution Networks for Ethical Suppliers

Wholesalers normally sell to retailers who then sell to consumers. With most Retailers now closed because of the Coronavirus crisis, London.WS can offer an alternative way for Ethically Sourced Suppliers to reach Consumers, via the medium of London.WS.

About London.WS

London.WS is changing from a Tourism Site

It will be helping with the access of Ethically Sourced Products in a way that observes Social Distancing

London.WS features sections dedicated to a number of London Boroughs, and as such can provide a base for co-operation with Local Organizations

London.WS can also help minimise the risk of infection from the Corona Virus pandemic in the following ways:

• Users of London.WS with be able to browse websites for Local Stores and message and interact with Staff remotely with regards to necessary queries that would be raised with Staff members in person in the normal course of things.

• Contactless Delivery. Couriers will deliver to doorsteps

• When Delivering, couriers will step back a suitable distance for the collection of the parcel

• Parcels will be left in safe places if there isn't a suitable location

• Names will be logged instead of signatures taken


Featured Ethically Sourced Stores Coming Soon