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UK Counties and Travel

Welcome to the UK Counties  video magazine.

Here you can enjoy videos relating to UK Counties. Please follow the links on the right hand side to access town and city videos in UK Counties, as well as details of merchant discounts and other cash back offers

  • 19:57 Britain's Best Breaks ~ Valleys Of South Wales

    Britain's Best Breaks ~ Valleys Of South Wales

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    For a start, you wont see a coalmine (unless it happens to be a heritage centre). What you will see are lakes, forests, open hillsides and green mountains. T...

  • 05:11 Edinburgh, Scotland: Iconic Castle

    Edinburgh, Scotland: Iconic Castle

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    Edinburgh Castle is the fortified birthplace of the city. Used as both a fort and a royal residence since the 11th century, most of the castle buildings toda...

  • 01:42 Top 10  London Attractions

    Top 10 London Attractions

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  • 03:33 Birmingham Highlights Tour

    Birmingham Highlights Tour

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    Birmingham is home to more than one million people from a range of different cultures and ethnic groups.